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How to Prevent Condensation on Your Windows?

How to Prevent Condensation on Your Windows (2)

How to Prevent Condensation on Your Windows

Condensation is when water droplets form on surfaces due to high humidity in the air. This is why windows can sometimes get wet during humid or rainy days. To prevent condensation, you need to identify the source of the moisture and take steps to fix the problem. If you live in a humid climate, your windows will likely get wet from time to time due to the high humidity in the air. Even if you live in an air-conditioned house, the humidity can still increase to a certain level from time to time. This is because of the way the air gets into your house.

Make sure your windows aren’t cracked

In order to avoid moisture buildup, make sure your windows are not cracked. Looping gaps means that the air can get into your home and cause a lot of humidity. If you have any cracks in your windows, something needs to be done about them right away!

How to Prevent Condensation on Your Windows (2)

Make sure your windows are clean

A clean glass surface will prevent condensation from forming on your windows because they are free of fingerprints, dust and other contaminants. If you want to keep your window surfaces clean and clear then you need to regularly wipe them down with a mop or bucket. Once the windows are completely dry (completely not damp), it’s recommended that they be stored in a cool area where there is no humidity present as moisture can return once humid outside again. Note: if the windows aren’t completely dry when storing away, moisture may return due to high levels of humidity nearby

How to Prevent Condensation on Your Windows (1)
How to Prevent Condensation on Your Windows (1)

Increase ventilation

Increasing ventilation in your home will help to dry out the air, which is what you want for prevention of condensation. Having too much moisture inside your walls and floor is a sign that insufficient ventilation has occurred within your home. The best way to remedy this would be by opening some doors or windows for a short amount of time – preferably during the night so as not to disturb anyone’s sleep!

Don’t let humidity build up in your home

The last step to prevent condensation on your windows is by making sure there aren’t too many sources of humidity in the home. This includes things like showerheads, humidifiers and overhead fans. It also means making sure that you’re curtains are clean as well as closing them tightly all night long!

How to Prevent Condensation on Your Windows (3)
How to Prevent Condensation on Your Windows (3)


Now that you know how to prevent condensation on your windows, make sure they are clean and try to increase ventilation. Condensation is going to happen no matter what, but trying some of these things can help reduce the amount it occurs in your home so it isn’t out of hand.

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