Most frequent questions and answers

Our windows are all thermal break system, and doors are available in both thermal break and non-thermal break system. Anyway, we can meet any requirements of our customers.

We have a wide range of products, not only the high-end aluminum wood series, but also the general home use aluminum doors and windows, as well as products for building construction

Yes, we not only have a professional design and development team, but also engineers to customize your products.

We have a customer service department that provides one-on-one after-sales service.

Of course you can. Please add our customer service Whatsapp +86 13798662101 or send an email to Rachel@todaydoor.com.

Please add our customer service Whatsapp +86 13798662101 or send an email to info@todaydoor.com.

The price range between USD50/SQM to USD500/SQM, we will quote case by case base on your requirement and quantity.

Aluminum wood with a full set of German ROTO, aluminum alloy with internationally brands, such as Hoppe, Siegenia, Dicallen, PAG, Kerssenberg etc.

Core advantages of aluminum alloy window the whole system adopts “AAG” high-precision silicon magnesium aluminum profile. Thicknesses range from 1.4mm to 4.0mm. For more details, please add our customer service Whatsapp +8618038871677 or send an email to info@todaydoor.com for more information.

Our products had adopted ISO9001 Quality System Authorities. These international management systems ultimately result in a German-style level of craftsmanship and quality for our high-end aluminum doors and windows. Some of our products have NFRC certificates.

Usually we quote ex-factory prices, but we can also quote FOB prices when you request. If you have a cooperative forwarder, we recommend you to contact them for the shipment, if not, we can also help you to arrange.