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Casement windows open like doors and can be installed in any window opening. The windows at your house are the most energy efficient and can be opened with ease. Casement windows seal easily to keep energy in, providing you a comfortable living space.

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We enumerates the main advantages of casement windows.


Casement windows use a lock mechanism to prevent rain, window and snow from entering the house through their interior. They also have just one pane of glass (to reduce air gaps), creating a safe seal for your home in the winter and summer seasons.


The casement window opens completely, maximising natural ventilation. However, they can also catch a side breeze which is why it’s best to consider them for your project if you want fresh air and cool breezes flowing through your windows all the time.


Casement windows are a good choice for home security in many ways. They offer solid protection from burglars and offer peace of mind too. All four sides of the window seal into the sash when you lock it, which makes them more secure than standard double hungs or slider-boarded windows. The locks on casements have a hook shape that fits flush with the frame so they can’t be easily broken out or clawed open from outside forces either.

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Series 88 Thermal Break Casement Window With Screen

Series 100 Thermal Break Casement Window With Screen

Series 105 Thermal Break Casement Window With Screen

Series 135 Thermal Break Aluminum Wood Casement Window

Series 118 Thermal Break Casement Window With Screen

Series 112 Thermal Break Casement Window With Screen

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Features of Casement Windows

Casement windows are popular for several reasons. One feature that immediately stands out is the ability to open your window or have a view from your window with just one crank of the handle. This can be very useful if you depend on cross ventilation to cool down your home or if it’s situated in breezy areas. Casement windows also give homeowners a good view of their immediate surroundings, with just that narrow strip between both sashes separating them from viewing outside and remaining connected at all times.


Double inswing window with screens design, detachable screen, more humanized.

The sealing and water-proof performance is better by adopting the technology of corner brace glue injection.

It adopts three seals, EPDM foam tape, super large hollow design, and can be equipped with three glass and two cavity, with super sound insulation effect

The glass and screen can be opened inward, the screen can be disassembled, safer to use and more convenient to clean.

Glass & Glazing Performance


When considering a window for your home, comfort of design are important factors to consider. However, the type of glass you choose is also important since it will affect how much light enters and leaves your property.

Glass Ltd offers different types of slider glazing options from which to select depending on where you would like them installed or what climate conditions they are best suited for.

Glazing Performance

Argon Gas

Our windowpanes are filled with argon gas – a harmless, clear gas that provides maximum insulation.

Glazing Options

We have an enormous variety of glazing options to choose from. Our team will assist you with your desired configuration, so that your windows are not just beautiful but energy efficient as well.


case window glass option

Panel Options

Our color palette of casement windows is specially selected to complement the colors of your walls, home. You can choose from a few different exterior colors or order them all in matching interior and exterior hues. Our windowpanes will not blister, peel rust, flake off, crack or corrode over time – making maintenance easier on you!

Custom colors

aluminum Casement-window-Custom color

Standard colors

aluminum casement window Standard Color

Casement Window Leaf Options

Aluminum Casement-window Leaf Options

Types of Aluminum Casement Window

Series 100 Thermal Break Casement Window with screen

Aluminum Wood Casement Window Series 135 Thermal Break


Series 95 Thermal Break Casement Window with Screen

Series 88 Thermal Break Casement Window with screen

Series 88 Thermal Break Casement Window with screen

Series 86 Thermal Break Double Inswing Casement Window with Screens

Series 78 Thermal Break Casement Window/Door

Series 168 Thermal Break Casement Window with Screen

Series 128 Thermal Break Casement Window with Screen

Series 118 Thermal Break Casement Window with Screen

Series 112 Thermal Break Casement Window with Screen

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Casement Window Production process



Adopting Asia’s largest sub-aluminum base material and the world’s leading brand of architectural aluminum profiles.



The quality glass goes through a lot of processes to reach the automotive grade, and it’s a beautiful improvement.


Today’s hardware products are so advanced that Germany HOPPE, Germany HAUTAU, Germany SIEGENIA, Italy Geis and many other brands ensure safety of consumer interests.



Sealing materials not only reduce noise, they also affect the performance of doors and windows.



Aluminum alloy is treated with powder foam electrostatic spraying, fluorine carbon spraying, electrophoresis, PU wood grain and other craft methods. The color is executed according to the German RAL international color standard.

Casement window Performance

Aluminum Casement window Wind pressure resistance


High-strength tempered glass window has good protection from wind, and it can be locked with a clever locking device. It also uses a strong sealant strip to reduce window breakage.


The special tape seals the window like an isobaric chamber, introducing external atmospheric pressure. With this, rainwater can be stored in the isobaric chamber without infiltrating into the room. In other words, it achieves perfect waterproof effect.

Aluminum Casement window Watertightness
Aluminum Casement window Thermal insulation and cold insulation


Heat insulation in summer saves energy and maintains a comfortable indoor environment. Pindu’s product has three layers of insulation to reduce temperature difference. Even in winter, days can stay warm!


The window is filled with many advanced features to reduce noise pollution. It can reduce up to 35 decibels of sound and can reduce the noise pollution in the area.

Aluminum Casement window Soundproofing
Aluminum Casement window Airtightness


The fishtail sealing tape is used to improve the airtightness and resist foul air, which can benefit your health by creating a healthier environment.

Application scenarios

Why Choose Aluminum The Aluminum Casement Window?

Quality Aluminum Casement window

There are many reasons why you should choose aluminum casement windows. The main benefits include:

Energy efficiency – Aluminium is one of the most energy-efficient materials on earth due to its thermal conductivity being very similar to that of glass and has a low U value. This makes aluminium windows ideal for homes that are trying to save on their energy bills.

Security – Aluminium casement windows can be fitted with multiple locking mechanisms, making them an ideal choice for properties that want to ensure optimum security.

Casement windows also boast a variety of other benefits, including not being susceptible to rotting or warping. They don’t have the problems associated with paint chipping and peeling, nor do they need frequent painting like wooden windows are prone to.


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